April 19, 2024

Clear Lake And Old Lava Fields – Oregon

There are few places like Clear Lake with water you can see all the way to the bottom. Amazingly the water from the lake gets clean as it runs through the underground lava tubes and caverns, allowing it to be so clear. Some water even comes from other lakes such as Lost Lake 5 miles away, which drains away during the summer.

Clear Lake Wide Image
  • Clear Lake see all the way to the bottom
  • Clear Water near the shore of the lake

While the lake is the real reason to go here, what really got my attention has the lava fields around the lake. They feel like an alien landscape as if I was on another planet.

  • Rocky path
  • rocky path
  • rocky path with a lake in the backgound
  • Hill of lava rock and a trail
  • downhill more lava rock
  • Lava Field
  • Lava Rock close shot
  • trail running though a Lava field, with trees in the backgound
  • Lava rock and lake
  • Hill of Lava Rock

Getting To Clear Lake

From the valley head east on HWY 20 Until you get to a junction and turn off on HWY 126. The first stop will be the resort, but if you want faster access where I went continue on 126 until it Turns off onto NF-770. This will go into a campground and it will end at a park with a boat launch. There’s a trail going through this park going around the lake. In both directions will lead to parts of the Lava fields I encountered.

USDA Clear Lake


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