September 24, 2023

How To Make A Computer More Quiet The EASY WAY!

So how do you make a computer quieter? Do you put in better fans? Or how about water cooling?
The answer is none of the above. the real answer is: Just get rid of the noise! So here’s my clever plan, move the computer to another room.

First Step: Make a hole where I’m going to be placing the computer and then run the wires.
Second Step: Add place clovers, so it doesn’t look ugly.
Step Three: Setup the noisy computer in its new Home.
Step Four: Turn it on and listen to the silence.

It’s a simple solution, it did take some work. Much of the USB is connected with extension cables and the monitor’s cables barely make it to the screens. Turning on the computer is not the funniest, since the switch is in another room. though I do have a switch coming in the mail to solve that issue. I also plan on switching out the picnic table for something more stable.

It wasn’t a hard job and this should eliminate any issue with noise now and in the future. Now I can get back to work in peace.


Computer guru with years working with technology. I find it fun to tinker with computer new and old, and make them do my work for me.

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