March 1, 2024

Sony Motherboard Thrift Store Find!

In the previous post I talked about a Sony computer I found at a local thrift store. These computers are not coming to find around anymore but here I am found something else. This time it’s a motorboard from one! I don’t know what the odds are of that but regardless I’m very happy.

The motherboard was kind of dirty, a little bit of dust and some leftover thermal paste. It didn’t include the CPU but I just happen to have my old childhood CPU from a micron computer My family used to have. It hasn’t been used in more than 20 years but it should work. I also happen to have 64mb of edo RAM which should be more for Windows 98.

Interesting enough Even though this motherboard is from the similar line of computers that my Sony machine about the same age. It has a older ATI graphics card in it, this one’s original 3D rage chipset on it! My Sony computer has a 3D rage 2c on it, So testing the wipeout game should be interesting if not very slow.

Amazingly the motherboard works fine, from that you can see I’m using a micron heat sink, this is from my old family computer well what remains of it. It’s a shame It was an amazing computer. Apparently this computer was running in 160 MHz Pentium processor, but the CPU I installed is actually a 200 megahertz. I did manage to find a manual to change the clock jumper settings to get that speed.

It’s alive!

This motherboard also features the Yamaha OPL3 chipset, which is a great chipset for sound for the most part. Though no replacement for the original soundblaster If you’re looking for the real nostalgia feel. Luckily this motherboard futures three ISA slots. Which is great if you want to put in some old sound cards or other old cards.

It’s a shame that this computer doesn’t have its old case. That would be interesting to see it fully assembled. But still this motherboard would make a great mid-90s computer, just need to equip it with a voodoo card And you would be good to go… Well besides the case.

Running windows 98. Though this computer is more suited for Windows 95, but at the time I didn’t have a disc.


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