March 1, 2024

Kurzweil K2000 Repair

The Kurzweil K2000 Has to be the best keyboard I ever found at a thrift store. It was almost in perfect working order, besides a little bit of battery corrosion which I fix with a bit doxit and a toothbrush. But I discovered it had an issue with note velocity with one of its keys. I knew about this issue for a while but I thought it would be a complicated and time-consuming process, as it requires removing the keyboard and taking its keys off. I was just didn’t have the time for it until now.

Teardown is easy, I remove all the screws from the back then I pull it up lifting it off. There are a few different screws as the outer ones are longer, which I put to the side and keept note where they post to go. Once inside all I have to do is remove the ribbon cables that attaches the keybed to the mainboard and then unscrew the key bed from the keyboard frame.

It’s hard to see but you can see the ribbon cables connecting from the mainboard to the keyboard bed.

This keyboard is well-built, its so easy to service nothing getting in the way, and all the connections are removable.

Removing, the keys were pretty easy, first, you have to remove the spring which I use a pair of needle nose pliers. Then while the key is in the down position stick a screwdriver in the hole and push the key away from the bed. Then it pops up. Took me a few tries, but it was easy once I got a hand in it.

When I took them all and processed to the other side to remove the back plain. Then I realized that I would have just taken the backplane off to get to the contact for the key that was having issues. I was slightly annoyed I didn’t really need to take all the keys off for this issue, though it did need a cleaning.

Fortunately don’t have a photo of this part. Once I got the board off I took off a part of the rubber membrane where I believe the key was not working. Sure enough, I found a piece of hair between the contacts. I removed it and started putting it back together. No need to take off the other membranes as I know they are working correctly.

Update: This Keyboard unfortunately, doesn’t work anymore the Effects processor has died in it. After some research, I found out This is a common issue with one of these keyboards. Its too bad as I have other updates I have. Such as installing a BlueSCSI emulator. Sadly there wasn’t much I would do, as it would require finding a chip that’s hard to find or a new mainboard. I believe the cause of death was it overheated when I forgot to turn it off one night.


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