December 7, 2023

About me

Photo of me smiling
Colby Lyons

Hello There! I am Colby Lyons and I live in Oregon near the Lincoln county area. I am very passionate about computers and technology. I’m currently working as a computer technician for N.E.D.E.S.(Newport Emporium of Digital Entertainment & Surveillance).

History and Education

While I was still in middle school I was sent to toledo high school to attend a program call StRUT(Students Recycling Used Technology). which allow me to pursue my interest’s in computers and technology. I would continue to go to StRUT until I graduated high school.

I attended Oregon Coast Community College for a while. After school I dabble with Linux, computers; electronics always building my skill and exploring what’s new. I volunteer at Olalla Center For Children helping with their computers.

Then in 2017, I job shadow at N.E.D.E.S. There I learn more about phone repair and surveillance camera systems. I show my skills abilities as a Computer Technician and got hired.

My Accomplishments

Ever since I was a kid, I had struggled with social anxiety. But after realizing my future was heading towards a path I didn’t want, I got a job doing what I love, learn to drive and even building this website. Now I’m much more open and sociable to those around me. I wouldn’t be where am now if it wasn’t for my family and friends.

What I enjoy

Building fun contraptions, playing games, watching videos on technology. And when I don’t have my head deep in technology, am getting out and exploring the world around me. Always looking to find that one trail that no one hardly explored yet, and looking for new amazing things to learn along the way!