December 7, 2023


Computers and technology:

  • Bleepingcomputer – Great source for computer security News.
  • Tom’s Hardware – Computer hardware reviews, News
  • LevelOneTechs – Form site with lots of knowledgeable people.
  • VGA Museum – Great Site for finding information about old or even newer graphics cards.
  • Philscomputerlab – Find many common drivers for older hardware from the 90’s and early 2000’s and tools.
  • VOGONS – Drivers for Old computer parts. great if you can’t find it somewhere else.
  • Ultimate Retro – Amazing site to find manuals and bios for old motherboards

Jobs and Volunteering :

Organization and Groups:

Local News:

Old Site’s

StRUT – Students Recycling Used Technology – As of 2021 this site has been down. Here’s a wayback machine link