September 24, 2023
Open Source software

10 Free Open Source Software Programs I Use On A Daily Basis

I know years from now, Open Source software always be available to me. Open Software never really dies, thanks to its nature of being open and free. Here are some of my favorites I use on a daily basis.


A Node-based note-taking program. CherryTree allows you to make notes that can branch out into its subtopics. This makes it easier to break down a tough subject. It also supports images tables and more. If you looking for a great note program definitely take a look at this.

left side with a list of topics and sub-topics using nodes. right side is a text field. tool bar with many options.


General-purpose office suite. Comes with all that’s you would need for office work. LibreOffice has spreadsheets, documents, drawings for charts, sideshow presentations. Great alternative if you’re looking for something that doesn’t have a cost barrier, and is easy to share with others.

document editor, and the about window for LibreOffice open over it.


An open-source vector art program, Inkscape is great with editing clip art, logo’s or even making fonts. It’s a powerful program and is great for making any kind of design that needs to be scalable.

Vector art program, with a smiley with a wink saying HI!


Long time Image manipulation tool, Gimp very good for when you need a basic or even advanced image editing tool. I use gimp to cut, enhance, modify but it can also be used to draw and paint. Everything I need and more. Don’t let the Photoshop naysayers keep you from trying it out, give it a try! it’s free.

Image editor with the cubes floating around with the text saying "lost in cubeword"


One of the best in the open-source world when it comes to drawing art programs. Krita has all sorts of tools for drawing and painting and has many image enhancements processors. It even has the ability to make animations! If your looking for a drawing art program there are not many better options than Krita even with paid software options

Drawing Program with, with a open quick menu for drawing tools.


It’s not safe to use the same password everywhere, but there’s no way I can remember all those passwords. KeepassXC keeps all my passwords in an encrypted database. And I’m not going to trust any password manager unless it’s something I can look at the code source. It has the ability to generate passwords and has browser integration.

Password manager window.


Audacity is pretty much a standard when it comes to digital audio editing. it’s even taught in many schools and is widely used. all the basic recording and editing can be done with Audacity.

Audio Editor with a recording open.


Kdenlive is linear video editor that is great with all the features it has. Support for tracks, effects, audio. And it has good support. It’s my go-to for anything video editing-related.

Video editor with a picture of a cat in the preview monitor and a turntable on the main monitor.


VirtualBox Easy to use, client base Hypervisor for virtual machines. Great for testing new operating systems, or scary software.

Hypervisor GUI for Virtual machines.

Visual Studio Code

While it is a property of Microsoft, VsCode still an amazing text editor filled with many features and is open-source. if you don’t like its normal release, there is Vscodium that had been de-Microsoft and removes all the tracking

Test editor with a C++ code open. written with standard c++ that prints "Yep its great"


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