December 7, 2023

Wifi Disables When Laptop Lid Is Closed Fix For Linux

I found this issue while using Wifi on my Hp laptop with Linux. When I close my laptop my WiFi gets disable, and it won’t let me enable it again until I reboot the laptop. If you having this issue, it is more than likely an issue with the suspend mode. Disabling it may help, prevent the issue from disabling the WIFI adapter. You can normally find this setting in the power management setting in the control menu. For Mate Linux 20.04 it’s under Control Center->Power Management.

Power Management window. with three three input fields, one for put computer to sleep and wifi when inactive, two when laptop lid is closed. last one for turning off the monitor after amount of time.

Switch “When laptop lid is closed” from suspend to a “Blank screen”. After that, the Wifi adapter will stay on when the lid is closed. Note that with suspend mode disable more power is being used when the lid is shut. For a terminal way, you can try This, if you need some tips on using the terminal take a look at my posts on Linux.


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