September 24, 2023
Case Power up to awsome

Getting A Better Computer Case Upgrade Time!

Large Old tear down computer case
Remains of an old Thermaltake Armor VA8000 case, It doesn’t even resemble its original look.

A family member of mine wanted me to install a new computer case and let me have The previous case for helping and the AIO cooler inside too. It was a branded CyberPowerPc case that was a Crosshair ICue 220T. This case was much better than the one I had. Since my main pc was done with plot making I wanted to get off this old HP laptop and get my desktop back. I agreed to help.

  • Placing in Motherboard
  • power supplies being install in computer case
  • wires hanging out of the open computer case

The Corsair 220T Case is much better than my old computer case. This case had cable management, Not super large and heavy, and plenty of places to install fans. Not only that it had a DEEPCOOL Castle 240EX AIO Which works great. I went slow with the rebuild and took about 3 hours. Since the wire side didn’t have a window, I didn’t care much if it looks a little messy.

computer running with a open side
Succesful Boot

Once I got everything together, I turn it on and Everything works on the first boot! I use my ubuntu mate USB and install an operating system.

Now that the computer is fully working I needed to set it back up at my workstation area. I did have an awesome multi-monitor setup, But I sold my GTX 1080 that had four usable ports. So I ended up using two old ATI cards giving me a total of 4 monitors.

Unfortunately, I have to take one of the graphics cards out. There’s was an issue with having multiple Radeon cards which cause a massive slow down. Now it only has 2 monitors, but I plan on replacing the graphics only once the market prices are more reasonable.

computer with 3 fans and side window opening

My family member didn’t like it since it wasn’t cooling down the computer well enough, but for my needs it’s fine. It’s a great case and if you’re looking to buy one, it’s not a bad choice.


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