August 13, 2022

Sweet Creek Falls

Sweet Creek falls is very beautiful walk. That’s about 27 miles from Florence. The walk has astonishing number of small water falls and rapid waters. But watch your step the trail can be treacherous due to all the tree roots growing on the trail, not only that but there’s many edges along the way too. Combination of the two is bad news if your not careful. There is also a sketchy old cat-walks that were built back in the 50s, last time I was there i notice few sketchy spots on the cat-walks, so try to stay on the safe side while your on the them.

This is really nice walk I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see it, but it sure is overdue for some maintenance. The best part is at the end where you find a nice big waterfall at the end. And if you don’t mind a little extra danger by going up a rough trail with edges you can see the pool that’s right above the water fall, and another water fall too.


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