August 13, 2022
Lake draining into a natural lava tube during the summer

Lost Lake – The Disappearing Lake

Lost Lake isn’t any ordinary body of water, in Willamette National Forest about 30 miles from Sisters Oregon. It vanishes each summer leaving a field of grass.

Natural lava tubes underneath the lake drain the water out each year. The changes occur During the Spring as the water beginnings to drains, by summer most of it is gone. Its believe that the lava tubes drain the water into Clear Lake about 6 miles away.

I only found two holes, When I visited the lake. It seems like it mostly drained out now. I would assume, the best time of year to witness the lake draining is in late spring to early summer.

All most looks like someone was trying to fill it up.
Lake draining into a natural lava tube during the summer
The surrounding hills have numerous dead trees, I believe the reason behind it was a forest fire years ago.

Getting To The Lake

Note: There are two Lost Lakes in Oregon, be sure you got the right one, before taking off!

Getting there is easy, just keep heading east on HWY 20 from the valley, it is past Santiam junction about 2 miles which is about 30 miles before sisters Oregon.

The turn-off is near the bottom of a hill and doesn’t have a sign, keep an eye out. Once you turn in, you see a campground area keep going. The road has some bigger potholes so be careful. Eventually, you get to a picnic area and parking spots. From there you walk to the lava tubes, it’s not a far walk it’s about 200′. You may need to go through some glass to get there.

Lost Lake – NF-835
44°26’2.79″N 121°54’15.47″W


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