June 5, 2023

3D Printing With My New Ender 3 v2

3D Printing is pretty new for me, but the ability to make my own parts for using on my projects I plan for the future sounded like a great idea. After some research, I decided on the Ender V2. Because I wanted something more open-sourced And had a lot of community support behind it. Assembly was easy And fun. Construction took about 3 hours.

Ender v2 Printing

My First 3D Printing Attempts

Learning how to correctly use the 3D printer was a challenge. At first, I thought I was going to make my first print without any issues, But about 7 layers in, My 3d print peeled right off the glass bed. My first thought was the slicer software wasn’t set up correctly.

But even after a change to the software I continue to have issues. Then I notice a protective film on the glass bed and I didn’t know if I should remove it or not. The Manual says nothing about it and I was completely new to 3d Printers. After hours of research on the internet without any success. I decided to turn to the community.

I tried asking the Reddit form, they only pointed out their guidelines to me. You think asking a simple question wouldn’t be hard, reminds me of the Linux community was back in the day. But thanks to the support chat on their site, They told me it should be removed. So I did, I tried another print and it failed again. This time because I forgot the relevel The glass bed. Once I got that done I managed to make my first print.

Yay! Finally My Frist successful print!

Whats Next

There’s Nothing like seeing my first print! feels great. Now, am going to focus on CAD design, and building ideas using this printer. I know I get lots of use out of it! currently, I’m trying to print parts to build a robot arm, I can’t wait to build it. There are so many possibilities can use this printer for!


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