December 7, 2023

One Year

I miss the one anniversary year for my website, I haven’t updated much since my last post. I talk about me moving on from computer support to computer science. but I haven’t make much progress with it since I been spending a lot of my time with other projects. Not only that but I also in the meddle of planning on moving to the Portland area. Its been a lot of work and I haven’t got much time for my self or my hobbies. The 3d printer I got is now collecting dust, and i haven’t turn the server on in more then a month. But I did manage to learn more kotlin for my Programing project for a android app. Even thought this year been horrible for many people, for me it was the start of a new life. with the shutdown and people distancing I still manage to learn, grow. This year might be the worst you ever had, but for me it was the best.


Computer guru with years working with technology. I find it fun to tinker with computer new and old, and make them do my work for me.

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