August 13, 2022

New desk, and keyboard.

Old Setup.

After using a folding table for about 4 months now, the cafeteria look is getting old, it was time for a new desk. plus the middle divider on the table was making my keyboard rock and roll, which is quite annoying. I choose a desk with an old dark wood look, I wanted a steampunk look for my computer setup.

In the process of setting up

The tv from my post “How to make your computer quiet” is missing. Well, It had some issues with the HDMI port and was dropping signal. So I switch the tv out for extra monitors. The extra horizon space this new monitor setup was much better for productivity than the large tv. Also I setup a remote button to allow me to start the computer, no more going to the other room to turn it on.

I also replace the keyboard, one that’s more compact that didn’t take so much desk space. This keyboard has a ’70s terminal look and the blue switches are a joy to hear with their click.


Computer guru with years working with technology. I find it fun to tinker with computer new and old, and make them do my work for me.

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