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Hello, I am Corey and I am a web developer. I enjoy learning web development and strive to learn more and get better everyday. I started learning web development and I was hooked and have not looked back. It is a great feeling to make and see something I have worked on actually work like it should and look aesthetically pleasing as well. Coding is not just a hobby for me, I want to turn this into a rewarding and profitable career. I would like an opportunity to get started in the industry at an entry level position. I am determined to create a better life for myself and no matter how overwhelmed I feel learning everything, I will not give up on my goal. I am determined to keep my skills up by practicing, reviewing, as well as learn new languages or frameworks. Besides technology I enjoy watching sports, playing disc golf, playing video games, and just being able to relax and enjoy life! Hockey is my favorite sport and always will be although I like to watch the other sports as well. I don’t mind winter but summer is my favorite since I can do the stuff I enjoy during this time like camp and disc golf.

me in hawaii

Technology has always been a favorite of mine and I always wondered how websites were built. I started learning on Codecademy and soon realized that I wanted training that was going to better prepare me for the job. I found Treehouse and have been learning with them ever since! I cannot say enough great things about them, they are the reason why I strive to keep learning web development. I can review material I have gone over already (which is invaluable as a developer). They are always adding new material, so I can always keep up with new technologies and trends. I have the basic skills necessary to get my foot in the door and I know I will have to keep learning and work hard so I can succeed in this position. I have found something I enjoy and believe I can excel at it. I am confident and willing to learn from mistakes, not arrogant and I do realize I am still new and do not know “everything”, and probably never will! Guidance and learning from other developers so I can grow into the position is what I am seeking from potential employers.


Professionally, it is hard as a developer on what to focus on when learning. There are always new frameworks or tools that are popping up all the time and it is hard to keep up with them all. For me, I set my sights on front-end development, good CSS frameworks, and the CMS WordPress. I want to get better at all of these things and keep refreshing my skills, build more WordPress themes, as well as focus on more PHP and the database MySQL. I have the resources to get up to speed on whatever I need to review, or learn something entirely new to me. As a developer, it is great to get a good refresh every once in a while. I am a junior developer, trying to get my foot in the door of the web development world. I do not have any professional work experience yet just practicing what I have learned up to this point. I will have to continually keep my skills inline with current trends and languages or frameworks being used. I still have a lot to learn but I am confident that I will get myself in the right position to succeed.